What? Another Traveller blog?

March 1, 2011


I suspect that if you are reading this you are a little crazy like me. Welcome.

I am starting this blog for somewhat selfish reasons. I love Traveller, a science fiction role playing game published by Games Designer’s Workshop in 1977. I played it a good bit in the 70s and 80s but then “real life,” work and family occupied my time. Creating an alternative science fiction universe can take a bit of time. I have some of that time now. I need a place to write stuff down.

Now I have been inspired to play Traveller again. I have a sizeable collection of 15mm figures and vehicles in various states of readiness for play. In March 2010, I saw a wonderful set of sci fi buildings that lit a fire under me. I started painting organizing and otherwise getting ready to play. I’ve created a campaign in the Urnian Subsector right next to the Five Sisters in the Spinward Marches. (Urnian is non-canon, so I felt free to design my own despite despite the existence of other published versions .)

Last year, we started with a small party of a noble lady, her family doctor, a pirate corsair and a retired gunnery sergeant travelling along for trouble and adventure. The group has grown by two scouts already as well as a host of interesting but not always capable NPCs. Even in the future, no one is perfect. That’s part of the fun.

I like being out on the fringe of the Imperium. The game world has a bit of a frontier feel (and yes I admit that Firefly was and is an influence.)  The highest tech level is 12 and most of the worlds are in the TL5-10 range so we have lots of cool stuff that can still break down. More on all this later.

My plan is to share the models I am making for the game, the rules mods I am playing with as a referee, and some miscellaneous stuff that might be of interest to Traveller Recidivists like me. We’ll see what happens…thanks for reading in any case.






2 Responses to “What? Another Traveller blog?”


    I,m suprised by a lot of CT-TRAVELLER,”HARDCORE” fans…Few seem to know of the tremendous opportunity that the Gaming Gods have bestowed upon our gamming kin(Specifically,Traveller players…)TravellerMerc,Did you know that FFE/GDW(Farfuture enterprises…)is offering everything that GDW/FASA/JUDGES GUILD,and GAMELORDS ever produced for CT-TRAVELLER On several CD-ROMS?!?…It’s TRUE!!!…Check out their website for a list of all of their CD-ROM products…From a truly concerned CT-FAN to all of my traveller sisters and brothers…DEATHSKULL

  2. Deathskull — Yes I have filled in some of my missing titles from the far Futures website but should have included them in my Traveller resources. Thanks for the reminder!

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