Traveller and Firefly

March 2, 2011

Firefly woke me up to playing Traveller again. I thought it was “Traveller: the Movie.” Ok so I am not such a big TV watcher but I happened to catch Serenity on the SciFi channel and wow. In short order, I found and watched the whole series and pretty much loved even the cheesiest bits. I know, I know…I came late to the party but I made it anyway.

After watching the series a few times (couldn’t there have been just one more season??), I decided to watch very carefully what the characters did and didn’t do and try to assign Traveller skills for them. Here’s what I came up with:

Captain Malcolm Reynolds

UPP: 987974 Morale: 13

Tactics -3,Leader-2,Gun Cmbt-2,Brawling-2,Streetwise-2,Vacc Suit-1,Ships Boat-0,Admin-0,Grav Veh-0

Captain Reynolds looks like he might have been generated from Mercenary Book 4

Zoe Alleyne Washburne

UPP: 888874 Morale: 12

Tactics -2,Gun Cmbt-3,Vacc Suit-1,Streetwise-1,Brawling-2,Medical-1

Zoe looks as if she had been generated from Mercenary Book 4 too.

Hoban “Wash” Washburne

UPP: 787795 Morale: 5


Personality and sense of humor don’t always come out in the skill set…

Dr Simon Tam

UPP: 697CC9 Morale: 8


Obviously a Doctor from Citizens of the Imperium

River Tam

UPP: 8C9FA9 Morale: 13

Science-5,Gun Cmbt-5,Brawling-9

River..sigh. These skills leave out whatever artistic skills (like dance) she might have. It assumes skill levels appropriate to her performance in the later part of the show and in Serenity

Jayne Cobb

UPP: A68664 Morale: 9

Gun Cmbt-2,Brawling-1

Your typical NPC

Kaywinnit Lee “Kaylee” Frye

UPP: 678654 Morale: 2


I chose to express her skills this way since she is a problem solver with great gut instinct but only a little formal training.

Derrial “Shepherd” Book

UPP: 667998 Morale: 7

Brawling-1,Theology-3,Admin-2,Gun Cmbt-2,Heavy Weapons (Autocannon)-1,Streetwise-1

I think the Shepherd has a number of skills we never got to see

Inarra Serra

UPP: 578999 Morale: 6

Ships Boat-1,Liaison-3,Streetwise-1,Admin-1,Carousing-3,Blade-1

Some of Inarra’s skills don’t translate well into the character generation system


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