Military Role Playing Game – Striker

March 6, 2011

I have a fantasy and I have had it for a very long time. I’d like to play a military role playing game. That game would allow my character to start out inexperienced and by going through a series of battles/military encounters become increasingly bad ass and enjoyable to play.

My fantasy game would have these parameters:

  • Characters actions must impact the game (good skills + good decisions = impact)
  • Characters actions must not control the game (no wand of smiting type techno-magic items)
  • Character development must proceed from scenario to scenario (skills based)
  • Must be playable in a reasonable time ~2 hrs+ (although scenario set up could take longer)
  • Must be playable solo, one sided and two+ sided (requires ref or player/ref)
  • Must allow novices to join without requiring extensive knowledge of Traveller world or systems
  • Skill system allows game novices to play veterans or elites with impact (game experience does not dictate game results; skills very important)
  • Can’t give me a math headache every time I play
  • Allows me to integrate cool toys, figs and terrain into play without buying/learning a new game system

Am I asking for too much? After shopping around, I have to admit I have come back to Traveller/Striker as my game system of choice.



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