Cold Wars 2011

March 13, 2011

I made an unusually brief trip to Cold Wars 2011 this week. I had conflicting work and Judo events as well as a sore shoulder that was keeping me up at night so I made a one day cameo appearance on Friday. I had managed to get all the workbench clear of the pending Flora Project stuff I was working on before hitting the road.

I’ll confess that my first item of business was shopping at the dealers area.

Highlander Studios —
Rednecks, Bouncer, Carollee, and Shipping Containers

Splintered Light —
Space Crew (armed and unarmed – definitely NOT Firefly, no really)
and then for the Fauna project..
Horkhuns (think smallish wooly rhino)
Terror Birds (much bigger in real life than the pics on the website indicate)
Hyenas (these guys are big for hyenas — think Wargs in the LOTR movies)

Rebel Minis —
Comanche Armored Vehicle (uh cool and big – very very nice model)
Pulp Bearers (hmm Source of the Nile might need a dusting off)
Diggers (with Fezes)
Jersey Barriers (planning ahead for my urban combat scenario)
And a platoon of Earth Force Marines which we go towards my Tech 10-11 Combat Armor wearing troops

In the flea market I also picked up some Anzac WWI infantry from Minifugs for a couple bucks. These will go well towards a Tech 5 project I have in mind.

Short version — I have a lot of painting to do! I am clearing the decks for action.

I managed to get in a session of Force on Force playing a “Battle of Serenity Valley” scenario and a board game of Arkham Horror. Shopping, miniatures, board game and fellowship. That sounds like the definition of a good weekend.


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