Jungle Countess (or Another Fine Mess You’ve Gotten Us Into, Countess)

March 23, 2011

This set of pics is once again of the lovely Countess Anar of Alell/Regina with her intrepid companions trekking through the jungles on a quest for another rare specimen. It seems that pouncers and chasers smell her from a mile away. Perhaps it is the delicate perfume she wears…or is it an effect of her training at the Psionic Institute.

The terrain is GeoHex Battlescape tiles which I use for “outdoor AHL” (details in a forthcoming post.) Each hex = 4.5m or 3 AHL squares. The flora is a combination of aquarium plant conversions, plastic flower parts from Micheal’s, twisty wire plants from somewhere I can’t remember. I’m adding these pics to the Flora page too.

Jungle Scene 1

Jungle Scene 1 with Countess Anar

Jungle Scene 2

Jungle Scene 2 with Countess Anar

Jungle Scene 3

Jungle Scene 3 with Countess Anar


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