Martian Metals Swords Worlders

March 27, 2011

Our campaign included a secret Swords Worlds moon base that the characters were supposed to use for resupply and refueling of the Narsil supported privateer free trader. As the gods would have it, instead of leaving the base as a pencil and paper only installation, the crew of the Beka Valentine managed to get their ship shot up enough to force a landing on the moon base. Now I had to actually create a moon base. Sigh…a referee’s work is never done.

As it happened, just then some venerable Martian Metals Swords Worlder figures came up for auction on ebay. I’m a sucker for the old Martian Metals stuff and was lucky enough to win.

So here goes my first shot at posting mini pics. These are damn hard to take so be kind on the focus issues. Anyone who can point me to some good tips on photographing minis would be much appreciated.

First the whole set of 12 (there are 16 at the base but two are pilots and two are vacc suit wearing mechanics for the communication gear off base):

Martian Metals Sword Worlds Pack

Martian Metals Sword Worlds Pack

Next my attempt at a better focus by taking out the second line of figs:

Martian Metals Swords Worlds Pack

Martian Metals Swords Worlds Pack Pic 2

Compared to the recent vintage guys from Rebel Minis and Khurasan, these fellas don’t look so great. On the other hand, they do have the charm of being ORIGINAL Traveller stuff. I especially like the stylish 70s tight slacks and sweater under jacket look. The beards do provide an appropriately Nordic look. I love ’em.

Failing to find any uniform references for Swords Worlds Naval forces on a dirtside deployment, I improvised the gray pants and dark blue jackets as their uniform scheme. It vaguely reminded me of something Kriegsmarine like. They certainly do have a characteristic look.

Next up to leave the production table: Legged Zhodani Warbots…



2 Responses to “Martian Metals Swords Worlders”

  1. David Billinghurst Says:

    I have the same problem when photographing miniatures and found you can get around it by having lots of light. I use a couple of angle-poise lamps to help light the figures I want to photograph. Don’t try photographing figures in direct sunlight, but do make use of the natural light to supplement your lamps. The lamps will help soften the flash, if you use one.

    Some of my stuff here.

    • David

      Thanks for reading and posting and sorry for the delay in my reply. I am not using a flash in these pics. I use three full spectrum light sources (75w) at very short range. The camera is mounted on a tripod. I use a macro focus, daylight fluorescent filter, with some brightness adjustment, and I use a 10 sec timer so I don’t jar the shot.

      In retrospect, I think that the camera may have focused in on the rocky outcrop in the back since that came out in perfect focus. My next batch of pics (Rebel Minis Police & Rioters, with some Irregular Minis Rioters thrown in, as well as Rebel Citizens) I plan to use nothing in the background. We’ll see how they come out!

      I checked out your blog and you, sir, are a painting machine. GZG are staying in business thanks to you! I saw your Khurasan Federal Marines in red and they looked sweet. Nice work. I have a platoon of those fellas on the paint bench including five DIMOG walkers which I hope to have done by next week. Thanks for reading!

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