Introducing the Dream Ticket Equipment Page

April 4, 2011

I am initiating a new page on the blog dedicated to military equipment useful for Traveller, Striker and AHL. Generally these will be described in terms of LBB Striker or Book 8 Robots (including Striker data.)

I am very appreciative of those who have designed equipment under these rules and published the information on the web. You all are awesome and inspirational. Thank you!

One thing I find missing in many published designs is an image of the equipment. My equipment pages will include an image of the model used to represent the design or an image of the actual piece of equipment if it is real or based on a cinematic or literary model.

To kick off this section, I am publishing a Book 8 designed Zhodani Tech Level 13 Warbot (WarriorBot) based on a Blue Moon Manufacturing figure. Where models of the equipment exist, I will post a picture of the model and a link to where it can be acquired.

So first off, the Petlienzotl Warbot. Next week, a complete listing of German WWII Panzerkampfwagen converted for Striker (and much more to come…)


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