Explorer ATV added to Equipment Page

April 16, 2011

I’ve just added a new page to the equipment section on the Explorer ATV. This utility vehicle adheres closely to the stats and configuration of the Horronon ATV described in Adventure 2. Here a pic with the link:

Mechwarrior Mobile HQ

Explorer ATV IMTU (Mechwarrior Mobile HQ)


5 Responses to “Explorer ATV added to Equipment Page”

  1. Tom Campbell Says:

    This comment has nothing to do with this recent post (cool ATV by the way). But I couldn’t find another way of sending you a note.

    I came across this NY Times article http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/15/world/middleeast/15prince.html?_r=1&hp of a story about Eric Prince, founder of Blackwater (now named Xe) and his recent contract with UAE. Politics aside, I think this is a great example of a dream ticket and so I thought of your blog. If I were still running a campaign I would steal this real world situation as the basis for a string of adventures in a heartbeat. 🙂

    Thanks, and thanks for writing your blog.


    • Tom

      Thanks for the note. I’ve bookmarked the article to read a little later. Blackwater is probably the prototype of all Traveller or near-future corporate mercenaries. I am not above theft of good real-world material!

      I checked out your blog too and I love the manhole covers! I am likely to get some for my urban setting. BTW Hope you check out the post I am working on now on building 15mm Buildings from GameCraft Miniatures.

    • Just finished the article. Thanks for the recommendation. How like a Traveller Mercenary ticket? Recruiting forces from another world (Latin America) to fight for a cash rich charismatic oligarchy on a combined security-cadre-striker ticket. Wow that is a dream ticket worthy of Veterans.

      FYI I am trying to clean up my scattered notes for my collection of Traveller mercenary tickets to publish on the blog. I have a huge backlog of stuff to get up here. Hope you’ll check back. Are you still playing? Interest in attending TravellerCon in October?

      • Tom Campbell Says:

        I also like the potential of putting players in a moral dilemma – how would you handle the orders to put down a peaceful demonstration of unarmed civilians? What if they turned out to be armed? That could be a pretty interesting pickle on the role-playing side.
        Alas, I haven’t played Traveller for a couple of decades (egads… it has been a while) I still have all the gear (very few miniatures though) so there is always the possibility of running something again someday. And I’m afraid I’m on the wrong coast to attend TravellerCon this year in any event.
        I have your blog in my reader so I should see the additions as they are posted.

  2. Stay tuned. I’ve just finished a batch of rioters and looters and I’m planning to run a test game of a very similar idea soon!

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