Modeling 15mm Walkers — Khurasan DIMOG Mark 1

May 23, 2011

The modeling elves have been busy…

I ordered some DIMOG Walkers from Khurasan Miniatures a while back. There was a bit of a delay getting things to me because their Federal Marines are so popular I needed to wait for some backordered items. With order in hand (or at least on the workbench table), I sorted through the goodies. You’ll be seeing my platoon + of Federal Marines shortly.

Here are the pieces in the DIMOG Walker Mark 1 kit:

DIMOG Walker Mk 1 - Unassembled

DIMOG Walker Mk 1 - Unassembled

I dry-fit the first walker from the kit as is after a little flash cleanup. All seems good except for the distance between the 20mm Autocannon and the weapon joint. It seemed really far away from the body.

Assembly was pretty easy. First, I took the pilot/commander and glued him in position. The figure fits perfectly into the crew compartment but has very little body in actual contact with the back of the “seat”. I applied CA glue to the bottoms of his feet and the back of his head, both of which makes contact. I also dabbed some CA on his right butt cheek which can be shifted a little to make contact with the side.

The cover for the crew compartment fits nicely under the top lip and over the bottom lip. Those two piece make a solid body for gluing the weapons and arms onto.

DIMOG Walker Mk 1 - Main Body Assembled

DIMOG Walker Mk 1 - Main Body Assembled

and a side view (propped up with a 25mm base)

DIMOG Walker Mk 1 - Main Body Side View

DIMOG Walker Mk 1 - Main Body Side View

The legs come with options. Each legs has two alternate configurations, a standing and a bent knee position. These legs give four combinations

Right Leg Left Leg Posture
Standing Standing Natural Standing
Bent Knee Standing Striding Right
Standing Bent Knee Striding Left
Bent Knee Bent Knee Defensive

I had three Mark 1s and two Mark 2s. So I planned on Defensive, Striding Right, and Striding Left. The legs need some care. The fit and the gluing is easy. Aligning the legs to obtain a somewhat natural posture takes some serious playing while you dry fit. When you are ready to glue, you have to have a steady hand and a good eye to maintain the leg position. When doing the striding posture, do the standing leg first so you can adjust the bent knee leg in a manner that allows the figure to stand up on its own.

DIMOG Walker Mk 1 - with Striding Legs

DIMOG Walker Mk 1 - with Striding Legs

Back to work now and to do the weapons mounts. More on that next time!


One Response to “Modeling 15mm Walkers — Khurasan DIMOG Mark 1”

  1. /random drive-by posting here…

    For me, this kit turned into a great alternate-WW2 Soviet walker (a la “Gear Krieg”), it’s clunky enough, and with a few modifications looked enough like WW2-era tech to disguise any futuristic origins.

    – NSA

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