Zhodani Petlienzotl Walker Robot Pics

May 29, 2011

I added the Petlienzotl Tech 13 Zhodani Rob0t to the Equipment Page awhile back (see Equipment.) I’ve finally gotten around to taking some pics of the 20 that I painted up.

The first is a close up of the “Champion” taken from an in game shot of their platoon advancing through a palm grove.

Petlienzotl Close Up

Petlienzotl Close Up

The figs are primed white, painted olive, then washed with a mix of GW Thraka Green and GW Badab Black, and dry brushed with a lighter green. Simple and hopefully effective.

Petlienzotl Squad Advancing

Petlienzotl Squad Advancing

Note that the 20 fig set comes with three different sculpts/poses. These could be handled as different pieces of equipment, but I am choosing to treat them as various production models of the same core robot.

Petlienzotl Squad Close Assaulted by Tech 6 Infantry

Petlienzotl Squad Close Assaulted by Tech 6 Infantry

It turns out that as Tech 13 infantry armored as if wearing Combat Armor and sporting Laser Rifles, these guys are tough to take on at range. Lower tech troops have to get up close to have any effect. These Tech 6 troops are using a Close Assault Tactic where the two on the right draw attention and fire while the two on the left run into close range with grenades. Some teams resorted to trying to grapple the monsters! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Next fight is a more even one against Tech 10 DIMOG Walkers and supporting resistance fighters in the jungle defending against the Zhodani invasion…


2 Responses to “Zhodani Petlienzotl Walker Robot Pics”

  1. David Billinghurst Says:

    Nice figures. Are those Blue Moon robots?

  2. Yep they sure are. If you link back to the original equipment post, there is another link back to Blue Moon’s page with the exact catalog name. I think they are Velon Skirmishers though.

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