Mechwarrior Mobile HQ

Explorer ATV IMTU (Mechwarrior Mobile HQ)

[Note: I don’t play Mechwarrior but when I saw one of these babies at a convention flea market, I knew I had an ATV model. Nominally in 1/200 scale where this would be a very large vehicle, downscaling it to 1/100-120 meant it was a perfect match for the Horronon ATV from Double Adventure 2 Across the Bright Face/Mission on Mithril. As usual the design is based on Classic Traveller/Striker.

Adventure 2 has a scale drawing of the Horronon ATV which appears to be intended to be in 1/120 scale. I took a moment to fit this model up to the drawing and the vehicle footprint is exactly the same. Interesting, huh? Also the side view of the two vehicles are remarkably similar. Perhaps the Traveller canon vehicle was the inspiration for the Mechwarrior design.

The model easily snaps off the Mechwarrior game base and is ready for Traveller/AHL/Striker play. While I don’t know if these models are still in production by WizKidz, I have been able to pick up several on Ebay for less than $5 including shipping. I’ll post some of my own soon but in the meantime you can see one of my models on the Cuprum Prospectors camp post.]

The Explorer ATV is a multipurpose tracked ATV built to early tech level 9 standards which costs about Cr 500,000. The driver sits in a forward projecting crew position with two seated crew members slightly behind him. These seats are often taken by the vehicle commander and a mission specialist. The box shaped rear compartment is configured for 8 passengers in addition to the 3 person crew so the Explorer can sleep up to 11. The bunks fold into the cabin walls in case the accommodation space needs to be turned into cargo space.

The Explorer design assumed long distance use and the vehicle provides ample fuel capacity for its fusion plant (up to 20 weeks of continuous operation.) The Explorer comes with standard radio, laser communication and radar units giving it excellent communication capability as well. It has a light machine gun in a remote mount for defense purposes.

Access to the cabin is normally gained through the front crew hatch or the rear passenger/cargo hatch. The top deck also has a hardpoint in case a full weapon station is installed as well as an additional access hatch. These hatches are sealed when the vehicle operates its pressurized environment. When pressurized, two small airlocks on either side behind the crew compartment serve to allow a single crew member at a time to enter or exit the vehicle through each one.

Here are the Striker Stats:

Explorer ATV TL-9
Nationality: Imperium
Cost(Cr): 502,196
Chassis: length- 6 meters; width- 4 meters; height- 4 meters
Turret: length- 1.2 meters; width- 1.2 meters; height- 0.25 meters
Suspension: Tracked
Wt(loaded): Wt(loaded): 56.7 tns
Wt(unloaded): Wt(unloaded): 37 tns
Volume: 96.36m3
Ship vol (dT): 6.9dT
Ground Pressure: Ground Pressure: 5 tns/m^2
Power Plant: 2 Mw, Fusion
Road Speed: 115 kph
Fuel Capacity: 10,000 litres
Endurance: 3,333.33 hrs
Crew: Total: 3; 2-Commander; 1-Driver;  (in chassis)
Passengers: 11 w/extended duration accommodations
Chassis Armor: Front-20mm[15],
Turret Armor: Front-10mm[8],
Weapons: 1 x TL-6, LMG, Rng/Pen/Mod:
Stp-0, Trgts-2, Sig+2, (remote mnt)
1000 rounds carried    remote
Communicators 1 x 5000-pwr radio
1 x 1000-km laser comm
Radar/Ladar 1 x 100-pwr targeting radar
Visual, ECM, & Computers 1 x TL5 Searchlight
1 x TL9 Image enhancement
1 x TL-9 map box
Environmental Controls: Sealed Environment, Overpressure, Life Support,
Cargo: 16.5m^3
Size DM’s(high/low): +1/+4
Cross-country spd  Amphibious spd: 69 kph
Move rates – Striker
Road/Cross Country
96 / 58 cm
Chassis wpn move eff: Move <=1/2 (ffp -4/efp-none),
move >1/2 (no fire)

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